About Aries Villas

In 2012 Villas started to be built by Capt. Ioannis Sgouras our father, He served on Tankers for more than 23 years. He decided it would be a good idea to pick a perfectly located piece of land on the beautiful island of Skiathos to build 3 villas for his 3 sons.

But of course, the world changes and the 3 sons were quite some time away from retiring to a holiday Villa so what to do with these stunning holiday homes in the meantime? All the family decided to use these Villas as a tool to offer the best possible services with the aim to achieve an unforgettable holiday experience to the clients "Friends". So, join us as well and we promise you we won’t let you down!!!

The view of the endless blue sea made him buy that land where the Aries Villas are located because it reminded him of the countless hours spent on the bridge of the ship. When he builds for his family he builds with love, care and attention to detail and so this is how Aries Villas started life.

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