Terms and Conditions


• Rates are in euro, per night and include taxes, cleaning every day with maid service, and
linen changing twice weekly.
• Rates and services may change without further notice unless the reservation is confirmed
with a deposit within 1 week after booking.
• Special offers are based on availability and may not be applicable at a later date.
• Children of all ages are welcome. Baby cot is provided free of charge.
• Standard check-in time is as of 3 PM, standard check-out time is at 11 AM.
• The minimum stay in May-June and September is 5 nights. The minimum stay in July-August
is 7 nights.
• A deposit will be required upon arrival to cover any potential damages during your stay. This
will be refunded maximum 5 days after your stay.

Cancellation Policy

• Balance payment (70% of the total charge) is required 60 days before arrival and is non-
• If the balance payment is not paid, the accommodation has the right to cancel the
reservation. The cancellation fee amounts to 30% of the total charge, equal to the deposit
• If the reservation is cancelled more than 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fee amounts
to 30% of the total charge.
• If the reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fee amounts
to 100% of the total charge.
• In case of no show or early departure, 100% of the remaining days will be charged.
• Cancellations should be done by written or telephone communication and a respective
confirmation email will be sent soon after.

Payment details

Early booking rate (valid for reservations made between 01/11 and 31/01 of each year)
In order to confirm the reservation, a deposit payment (30% of the total charge) is required, which is
refundable if the reservation is cancelled until 01/02. This can be paid via bank transfer or via credit
• Your credit card details will be kept in our reservation system until your arrival date. After this
date, the details will be deleted.
• The notification of the bank account of Aries Villas to the interested customer is done through a
relevant e-mail, which includes the necessary details of the bank account.
• Early booking rates apply for any reservations made between 01/11 and 31/01 for the
upcoming season and vary per period booked: 10% off per night in May-June and
September: code: AriesEB10
• Long stay: minimum of 3 consecutive weeks: a discount of 15% applies on the total stay:
code: AriesLS15

Standard rate

In order to confirm the reservation, a deposit payment (30% of the total charge) is required within 1
week after booking which is non-refundable in case of cancellation. This can be paid to our bank
account or via credit card or PayPal.

Rules during the stay in the accommodation

• The Villas do not bear any responsibility in case it cannot fulfil its obligations to the visitor, in
whole or in part, due to cases of force majeure (e.g., strikes, floods, natural disasters).
• Guests are kindly requested to respect the quiet hours, to behave politely and respectfully to
third parties. Also, all occupants must comply with the accommodation regulations, while the
occupant reserves the right to refuse access or to expel, subject to any reservation, any person
whose conduct is considered delinquent, abusive or reprehensible. In this case Aries Villas is not
obliged to pay any compensation.
• The use of the pool will be at the guests own risk and there is no lifeguard.
• In the event of damage to the villa or its wider area due to actions or omissions of the tenant or
guest, Aries Villas reserves the right to charge the amount of damage suffered, including damage
due to the cessation of its activities, to its credit / debit card registered customer.
• Each guest is responsible, throughout his stay at the villa, for the safekeeping of their personal
belongings (valuables, money, etc.). In case of loss Aries Villas, management and staff are not
responsible. It is recommended to use the safe deposit boxes of the accommodation for the
entire duration of the stay.
• Smoking is not allowed in the rooms as well as in the common areas.
• The guests do not have the right to sublet the property, or grand the use of the property to any
third party. In general, the property shall be used by the tenant for personal accommodation and
not for commercial purposes such as open parties, accommodation for fee.

General information

Please handle all the equipment and inventory carefully and treat the property with respect and care
and our guests are responsible for ensuring that any visitors or fellow travellers comply with our
house rules.

Number of guests

Guests are allowed a maximum of 8 for this villa. It is forbidden to include more people in the rental
property than stated in the booking confirmation. An additional booking on arrival is possible, as far
as the number of 8 beds is not exceeded. In case of violation, we make use of our house right and
resolve your booking immediately.

One exception: If children under 2 are added to the company and the result is more than 8 people,
this is acceptable as long as this has been clearly communicated and added in the booking upfront.
An additional fee of €6/day per child applies for linen and towel use. Baby cod and baby chair are
available free of charge.

Departure / Arrival

We ask our guests on the day of departure to leave the villa no later than 11:00 am in the morning.
The villa is available from 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Flexible check-in and check-out is available free
of charge, provided there is no other booking coming on the same day. Inform the management
early for arrangement.

Duty of care

• We are not responsible for losing any personal belongings or valuables throughout your stay. In
case you forgot something in the villa, please let us know so we can look out for the item during
the changeover. All of our bedrooms have a safe where you can put valuable items in. If you leave
the house, please close windows and doors properly.
• Parents must not leave children unattended at any time. Any guest injuries sustained inside the
house are not covered by us.
• Windows and doors should be closed when leaving the villa to avoid damage caused by bad
weather or any unexpected visitors. In the area, unpredictable downwind winds can occur even in
good weather periods.
• Please don’t move around with our furniture and put it in different places around the villa. Outdoor
furniture must remain outside as well as indoor furniture should remain inside.


• Please note that dishes are only returned to the cupboards when washed, the same applies to
cutlery, pots and utensils, oven or microwave, stove that you have used, especially coffee machines
etc. Please do not put any wet glasses upside down in the cabinets.
• To simplify our inventory process, please return any kitchen items back to where you originally
found them.


• In dish sink, washing sink, shower and toilet no waste, leftovers, harmful liquids or similar are
allowed to be thrown or poured in.
• Hygiene articles (sanitary napkins, tampons, cotton swabs, etc.) belong in the provided waste bin in
the bathroom. No hygiene products should be flushed down in the toilet as this may lead to severe
blockages. Our toilets cannot flush away toilet paper so this is not allowed.

• Hand and bath towels from the interior should not be carried outside or taken with you. There are
separate beach/pool towels in available in the villa.

Swimming pool, terrace area and barbecue

• In case of any bad weather (rain, storms, etc.) but also in case of wind, please ensure you close the
deck umbrellas and store them securely to avoid breakage. Always close the umbrellas before
leaving the villa.
• Please do not move around with our sun beds, umbrellas, hammock or any terrace furniture.
• Our BBQ is a gas BBQ – please make sure this is turned off after using it and leave the area clean.
• If you want to use the outdoor shower, feel free to use it to shower off after a day at the beach but
please don’t use any shampoo or body wash products. Use the bathroom showers for this. Please
also make sure you close the shower after use, don’t spill the water.
• When water is spilled or it has rained, the steps and the terrace can be become slippery. Please be


• Please make sure you switch off lights, fans or any other small electrical appliances when you go
• In the unlikely case of a power outage, please call us before touching the control panel or touching
any other devices like the alarm system.
• No compensation will be given for any temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, cable, and
satellite or telephone service.


• Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the property.
• Smoking is allowed on the terrace but please do not throw cigarette butts onto the property lawn.
It would help if you instead disposed of them in the ashtray provided. Failure to do so will result in
a deduction from the security deposit.
• Discovering guests have been smoking inside the property will also result in a full security deposit
loss. Any damage caused by this will be charged on top.


Pets are allowed in the villa, provided they are trained and well taken care of. Any damage resulting
will be deducted from the security deposit.

Damages or breakages

Always report any accidental damages or breakages in a timely manner, especially before check-out
In case any damage to the property or its appliances, the guest will pay for the repair costs from the
security deposit.

Compliance and final agreement

Non-compliance of the house rules can result in a cancellation of the reservation and the
encashment of the whole price of the stay, regardless of an earlier compulsory departure.
We reserve the right to evict any guests or visitors from the property who refuse to follow these
house rules.
Breach of any of these house rules is a breach of the terms and conditions of occupancy, as per the
rental agreement you have agreed on.
In any case, please use common sense while staying in our villa. If you’re unsure about any of the
house rules and require further clarification, please give us a call.

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